Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2009-09-28

  • It's the last home game of the year and Volstad will start for the sick JJ. #mets v #marlins #
  • Another hit for Chris Coghlan. How can he not be the ROY? #mets v #marlins #
  • First inning fizzles for the Fish. Runners LOB has been one of this season's biggest problems. #mets v #marlins #
  • Once again, Chris Volstad allows a home run. #mets v #marlins #
  • Another hit for Coghlan. Time of the Marlins to actually score runs. #mets v #marlins #
  • And another double-play for the #Mets. No clutch hitting for the #Marlins. #mets v #marlins #
  • Francoeur just robbed Coghlan of a home run. Wow. #mets v #marlins #

Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2009-09-24

  • @SporTech JJ has to decide if to overplay his hand by waiting out arbitration period and hope he's still in position to get big deal in reply to SporTech #
  • Nice to see Bobby Cox will be back for another year with the #Braves; Unfortunately for the #Marlins, he always finds ways to win. #

Miami Herald: Marlins to Offer Josh Johnson a Deal

Barry Jackson is reporting that the Marlins are planning to offer Josh Johnson a multi-year deal:

The Marlins plan to make a multiyear offer to Josh Johnson, who’s eligible for free agency after 2011, and we hear he would be receptive to a four-year, $50 million deal. But it would be surprising if Florida offered that much over four years. In arbitration, Johnson could get $4 million-plus this winter and $10 million-plus next. If he doesn’t sign an extension, “our expectation is he will sign one of the two or three biggest free agent contracts ever for a pitcher,” agent Matt Sosnick said.

Sosnick has been suggesting for some time that JJ will command a huge deal and with the Yankees and Red Sox always looking to overpay for pitching, it’s not a stretch. But, if the Marlins can buy out his remaining two arbitration years and then lock him up for two more, that could be a big win for the organization, assuming he stays healthy and continues pitching at a high level.

Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2009-09-15

  • Fish finally get it going – Nick Johnson homer makes it 6-4. #marlins v #cardinals #
  • Again: How were the Marlins able to stay in contention with only one reliable starting pitcher? #marlins v #cardinals #
  • Lindstrom predictably throwing fastballs down the middle to get outs, instead gets home runs. #marlins v #cardinals #

Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2009-09-09

  • Let's hope the Marlins can remember the good old days when facing Tim Redding meant another win. #marlins v #mets #
  • 2-run blast from Hanley Ramirez and the Fish are up 2-0. #marlins v #mets #
  • RT @nonohitters Redding gives up a third-inning homer to the Marlins' Ramirez to bump count up to 7,620 #Mets games without a no-hitter #