Deadspin Never Paid Attention to Fish, Assumes They Don’t Exist

In its Spring Training baseball preview, Deadspin has decided to take shots at every team and of course the Marlins were fish in a barrel. Will Leitch looks at some of the best players in team history and suggests that he doesn’t remember them as Marlins.

Here are the five humans who have started the most games on the mound for the Marlins, in order: Willis, A.J. Burnett, Brad Penny, Ryan Dempster, Pat Rapp.

When you conjure up images of those players, not a single one of them is wearing a Marlins uniform. (With the possible exception of Pat Rapp, whom I’m impressed you remember at all.) The only Florida Marlin historical figure — as historical as anything that started in 1993 can be — who comes to my mind is Jeff Conine, for some reason. Maybe that weird mascot. Actually, it’s just the Manatees. In case you forgot what state the Marlins play in.

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