Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2010-04-11

  • Hanley doubles in Maybin and then gets drilled in the back by an errant throw. #Marlins up 1-0 in the bottom of the first. #
  • Maybin has a very "active" running motion. Long strides, hands flying everywhere. #
  • JJ can't get a strike and then the Dodgers just give him two free outs. #
  • Can't wait for the new #Marlins ballpark: Right field padding is falling apart and the crew is rigging a wire to hold it in place. #
  • 3-run HR for Gabby Sanchez! #Marlins up 4-3. Padilla didn't respond well to the delay. #
  • It's early but fair to say that @cogz4Christ is struggling a bit; Doesn't seem as patient and has been swinging wildly at pitches outside #
  • Two bad plays at second base by the #Marlins cost 2 outs. The Fish continue to make big defensive mistakes. #
  • Third time is a charm as the #Marlins finally manage to turn an inning-ending double play. #
  • Feels like Badenhop has been the best player the #Marlins received in the Cabrera/Willis trade? Maybin has this season to prove otherwise. #
  • Hey, look at that, the #Marlins bullpen has blown the lead again. #
  • I was about to say something about Jose Veras keeping the #Marlins in the game. But he can't even go one hitter without allowing a run. #
  • 2-run double for Paulino ties the game! Winning run at 3rd base with no outs. #
  • Walk-off! #Marlins beat #Dodgers 7-6 with 3-run 9th. Cantu pops to short center and @Cogz4Christ slides in with the winning run. #
  • And Jose Veras gets the win!?! Nice memento from his time with the #Marlins (since we'll hopefully cut him when Sanches comes off the DL). #
  • Lots of luck for #Marlins today – Stadium delay throws off Padilla, close/bad calls by home plate ump during Cogs at bat. #
  • @cogz4Christ – We all know you will be there. We're rooting for you on every pitch. in reply to cogz4Christ #

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