The Petey and LoMo Show

Since there isn’t enough entertainment hype around the Marlins these days, Logan Morrison and Bryan Petersen decided to have their own web show appropriately called the “Petey and LoMo Show”. Hopefully this doesn’t distract them from their priorities since LoMo needs to get that batting average up and Petey needs to actually make the team. Regardless, just another day in the Marlins zoo.

Marlinsanity? The Marlins On the Cover of Sports Illustrated

For the 5th time, the Marlins are on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

With a photo of Ozzie Guillen and Jose Reyes laughing will sitting on top of the dugout at Marlins Park, the word “Marlinsanity?” graces the cover of this coming week’s Sports Illustrated magazine. The teaser for Ben Reiter’s article uses words like “bing”, “psychedelic”, “mad”, and “mania”. It’s sure to be an interesting read.

As for previous Marlins SI covers, the list is short. The logical ones, meaning World Series wins: Edgar Renteria (11/3/97) and Josh Beckett (3/12/07); and the odd ones: one-week Marlin Mike Piazza (5/28/98) and Dontrelle Willis in a global-warming flooded Joe Robbie Stadium (3/12/07).