Gary Carter, Hall-of-Fame Catcher and Former Marlins Broadcaster Passes Away

Gary Carter, the hall-of-fame catcher and former Florida Marlins TV analyst passed away today at the age of 57 following a bout with brain tumors.

If you remember the early expansion Marlins, with names like Orestes Destrade and Rich Rodriguez and those all-teal uniforms, you also remember the voices of Jay Randolph and Gary Carter, the Marlins TV broadcast team from 1993 through 1996. Their broadcasts were, in many ways, the soundtrack to those early years when fans packed Joe Robbie Stadium and the novelty of baseball was still fresh. While Randolph was an old school broadcaster who broadcast seemingly every kind of sporting event in his long illustriousness career, Carter was recently retired with no broadcast experience. Carter broadcast with the same kind of energy and enthusiasm that he was famous for in his playing days. No matter how many games the Marlins lost (and they lost quite a few back then), he was always positive and cheerful.

For those Marlins fans who were to young to remember Gary’s broadcasts, I hope somewhere someone finds an old broadcast clip and posts it online for all to enjoy.

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