Welcome to the New Fish@Bat!

Welcome to the new Fish@Bat, only our 3rd redesign in 17 years. Yes, we started out in 1995 as a little site called “The Florida Marlins Ticket”, transitioning to the Fish@Bat blog in 2007. Now, with the renewed Miami Marlins, we’ve come up with a fresh look and new concept.

The new Fish@Bat brings together all kinds of content – our latest tweets, blog posts, photos, and videos in one continous display. Just scroll down and you’ll see previous news pop up. Big tiles for featured stories and media, small tiles for tweets and regular news. Tiles cover different topics, identified by text and color. You can always click on the topic to see more posts on that subject or click on a title to read more and, of course, comment.

The site is optimized for modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9. It also adjust to screen size – go ahead – resize your browser and watch the tiles fall into place. If you are still using an old browser I recommend you upgrade, trust me, it will make your entire web browsing experience better.

During the upcoming weeks, we plan on republishing older posts aren’t yet in the system. We will also clean up, fix and add more images and graphics to existing posts, so stay tuned.

Thanks and go Marlins!

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  1. Thank to everyone for the greats tweets and messages on the redesign. From the moment I thought of the concept all the way through completion, it was a fun and smooth project.

    Go Marlins!

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