Marlins Park Homerun Feature Now Has Light Bulbs and Shooting Mist

Workers at Marlins Park recently added some of the final touches to the Home Run Feature including hundreds of light bulbs and they even took the thing out for a test drive. If you look at the photo above, the statue seems to be in full “Giancarlo-mode”. The big fish on top is elevated, the lights are going crazy and there’s some kind of mist (water or smoke) shooting up in the air.

Update: Full video of the structure in action here

In the photo below, you can see the statue lit up with the stadium lights off (red hue likely from one of the scoreboards):

Testing with ballpark lights on:

Testing with ballpark lights off:

Workers checking the lights with stadium lights off:

Posted 4 years ago
Marlins Park
  • Fish@Bat

  • From the video, looks like the mist is indeed water.

  • 4 years ago