Forbes: Baseball’s Best Food At New Marlins Park

Opening Day Part 2: Baseball’s Best Food At New Marlins Park – Forbes

The big innovation of Marlins Park is a reversal of the localization trend in which the stadium will feature a rotating concession stand offering favorites from the visiting team’s home city. This unusually bipartisan move has a feel-good aspect to it, honoring the visiting team and its fans, while giving South Floridians a chance to try something to which they may not be accustomed. For example, when the San Francisco Giants visit, their fans will find the Bay Area’s famous garlic fries, just like they have at AT&T Park. The Astros get smoked Texas beef brisket sandwiches, the Mets corned beef Reubens, the Cubs Chicago-style hot dogs, the Brewers bratwurst, the Padres shrimp tacos, the Red Sox lobster rolls, the Nationals half-smokes, and my favorite, a buffalo burger for the Colorado Rockies. The only miss is poutine, French fries covered in cheese and gravy, for the Toronto Blue Jays. I love poutine, but it is a distinctly Quebecois thing, better suited to the late Montreal Expos. But an A for effort.

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