Larry Beinfest on MLB Network Radio

Beinfest on organizational OF depth: “It’s a great problem to have too many. These things have there way of sorting themselves out.”

Beinfest on Nolasco to the Dodgers: “When we have something to announce. We have something to announce. We don’t have any trade finalized.”

“We’re getting to that time of the year..[Ricky’s] a would be free agent and making a lot of money here, so [the rumors] are understandble.”

Beinfest on Jose Fernandez: “We have a goal which is between 150-170 [innings]. We recognize that this kid is 20 years old…

More on Fernandez: “We’ve talked about every scenario from skipping him to shutting him down…Everything’s on the table.”

@JimBowdenESPNXM asked Beinfest if Stanton is a Marlin at the end of the season: “I sure hope so, I think he’s a pretty good player.”