The New Fish@Bat: Beta Edition

Like the Marlins, Fish@Bat is rebuilding.

We’ve kept this design under wraps for some time (kind of like placing top prospects in AA Jacksonville) but decided to call it up early.

Since this is a sneak preview, be aware that some items are missing and some are broken. We will continue to update and improve over the next few weeks until the site is fully functional.

Thanks and go Marlins!

The Marlins Have Eliminated the Road Grey Jersey and Alternate Orange Cap for 2013

According to @sportslogosnet, the Marlins have outright eliminated their road grey jersey and alt orange cap for all of 2013. Here is the official statement:

“The red-orange cap and gray jersey will not be worn this year; prior to the season it was determined we would not wear them as part of the uniform combinations this season.” – Marlins Director, Media Relations Matt Roebuck