UM Leaving Orange Bowl

Today may turn out to be on of the most important days in Florida Marlins history. Following their president’s recommendation, the University of Miami Board of Trustees is expected to approve moving the football team out of the Orange Bowl and into Dolphin Stadium. This should hopefully set off a series of events culminating with … Continue reading UM Leaving Orange Bowl

UM May Decide Soon; County Thinks Orange Bowl is “Urban”

If you’re familiar with our frustration over UM’s impact on the ballpark situation, you can imagine our dismay as we read the latest updates. First, we are reminded that the ballpark is on hold while the world waits for the University of Miami to make up its mind on whether to renovate the Orange Bowl … Continue reading UM May Decide Soon; County Thinks Orange Bowl is “Urban”

Considering that Pesky Home Record

Fine win today for the Florida Marlins against the Washington Nationals — great pitching and timely home runs will do the trick. When we look at the Marlins today and consider all the bad things that have happened (injuries to pitching staff, strikeouts, errors, all those games Jorge Julio blew) the one stat that stands … Continue reading Considering that Pesky Home Record