• Marlins Willing to Sign Pudge at a Big Discount

  • After hearing that the Fish have no chance of signing Pudge Rodriguez, we are obviously not too surprised to find out that it’s all a ploy to convince the still-unsigned catcher to return at a huge discount. Pudge is looking for something around $5 millions while the Marlins could see an incentive-based $1 million deal.

    The question is if Rodriguez’ is willing to accept a six-figure base salary and modest incentive package. The source said even though owner Jeffrey Loria is on board with a Rodriguez reunion, it would have to happen for around $1 million, including performance bonuses.

    No doubt that Pudge will be an upgrade from Rabelo so let’s hope this dry market, which has left several big name players without a contract, allows an opportunistic front office to bring him back.

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  • The Marlins are Everywhere

  • The baseball season just ended and already the Marlins are making news across the league:

    • Congratulations to Mike Lowell, Josh Beckett, Julian Tavarez, Dave Magadan, and Gary Tuck for winning the World Series with the Boston Red Sox. Extra credit to Mike for being named the World Series MVP (although we all know that had Boston lost that game, Josh would have won the next one and ended up with another MVP). Asked about his two rings, Mike said:

      “I think with the Marlins no one expected us to do this and I think with the Red Sox people expect you to win and I think both are very satisfying.”

    • Welcome back Joe Girardi. You have just been named the manager of the New York Yankees. Lets hope you know how to behave with your new owner because the younger Steinbrenners seem as feisty as their father.
    • Speaking of the Yankees, greetings to A-Rod, who is now a free agent and some are reporting that the Marlins may make a run at him (unlikely since he’ll get a long-term deal somewhere else) and that the Yankees may try to replace him with Miguel Cabrera (maybe, but hopefully no).
    • See you later to Armando Benitez who filed for free agency and will now have to beg someone else to pitch for them.
    • Hello to Yorvit Torrealba who joins the growing list of catchers who are rumored to be talking to the Marlins He handled the Rockies pitching staff very well.
    • Farewell to Edgar Renteria who heads over to the the American League, joining Dave Dombrowski‘s project to rebuild the 1997 Florida Marlins (plus Pudge). No word on yet on whether they can convince Ed Vosberg to come out of retirement.

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  • 2007 World Series
  • Random Thoughts on the LCS and the Cubs

  • Today is Game 1 of the NLCS and it will feature two expansion teams. Tomorrow’s ALCS Game 1 features the long suffering but finally reprieved Red Sox and the long suffering Indians. The story lines are historically fascinating because Boston or Arizona may join the Marlins with their 2nd world series in the last decade, the Indians may record their first in half-a-century, or Colorado their first ever. Regardless, you have to give Bud Selig some credit because 3 out of 4 of his expansion teams have done well. This is all great for the game.

    Update: It’s also great when you look at payroll:
    #2 – Boston Red Sox ($143,026,214)
    #23 – Cleveland Indians ($61,673,267)
    #25 – Colorado Rockies ($54,424,000)
    #26 – Arizona Diamondbacks ($52,067,546)

    Now, a completely different issue. More

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  • Worst-Owner-EVER? No, Maybe One of the Best

  • A recent Sports Illustrated survey of 464 Major League Baseball players named Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria as the second worst owner in baseball after Royal’s owner David Glass and along side the owners of the Devil Rays and Orioles. I suspect this has more to do with reputation than anything else. More

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    • ReklawLah
      8 years ago
    • I disagree. Loria turned a profit of over $45 million dollars last year… more than 50% higher than that of any other team in MLB. He was able to do this because he doesn’t spend any money on putting a quality team on the field. Yes, he sometimes will splurge on a superstar-type player… but that’s not how to build a real team fans can get behind. You need depth in the rotation and bull-pen, and Loria is too cheap and short-sighted to make these necessary additions.

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  • All-Star Blogging: Cabrera In, But That’s All

  • It’s been a Marlins fest on TBS today. First, the Fish nearly blew a game against the Braves, ultimately winning on Josh Willingham’s 5th hit of the game. Now, we find out that Miguel Cabrera, will join Fredi Gonzalez on the 2007 National League All-Star team. The fans screwed up in voting for David Wright over Miguel to start the game. Miguel is the better player and is having a much better season. Miguel makes his 4th All-Star game — a Marlins record. With limited roster spots and every team needing a representative, deserving Fish like Dan Uggla and Hanley Ramirez were snubbed. Of course, with our record, you can understand why this may of happened.

    While we’re at it, lets recognize the former Marlins the made the team: Mike Lowell, Josh Beckett, Pudge Rodriguez, Derrek Lee, Brad Penny, and Jim Leyland (AL Manager).

    The game will be played in San Francisco on July 10th.

    Update: Cody Ross said it best: “I’m boycotting the All-Star Game. I’ll watch Miggy, then I’m going to turn it off.”

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