A Poetic Look at the Miami entrant in the Senior Circuit

Here is what Deadspin’s Purple Prose has to say about the Fish. For the record, here are some of the nicknames in the write up: The Marlins: Miami entrant in the Senior Circuit, Spearfish, Swinging Swimmers, Briny Ballers, Santiago’s Sluggers, Pelagics Marlins Fans: Ye Fans of the Fishes Marlins Bullpen: Sunshine State Pen Men Wayne …

Worst-Owner-EVER? No, Maybe One of the Best

A recent Sports Illustrated survey of 464 Major League Baseball players named Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria as the second worst owner in baseball after Royal’s owner David Glass and along side the owners of the Devil Rays and Orioles. I suspect this has more to do with reputation than anything else.