The New Look 2008 Florida Marlins

Despite being 45-43 and only 2.5 games out of first in early July, the Marlins are about to undergo major changes. The pitching staff, most desperately needing help right now, is changing radically as both Josh Johnson and Chris Volstad are moving into the starting rotation this week. With Anibal Sanchez beginning his rehab starts, … Continue reading The New Look 2008 Florida Marlins

Have The Marlins Called Up Volstad?

MVN is reporting that the Marlins called up Chris Volstad to make his major league debut on Sunday against he Rockies. Scheduled started Mark Hendrickson is allegedly being demote to the bullpen. While Albuquerque is not terribly far from Denver, it’s a bit surprising, if true, to have Volstad start on 3-days rest. Plus, the … Continue reading Have The Marlins Called Up Volstad?

Marlins [Almost] Finalize Roster

The 2008 Florida Marlins roster is now set. Our starting rotation is Mark Hendrickson, Rick VandenHurk, Andrew Miller, and Scott Olsen with Ricky Nolasco likely taking in the fifth slot when it comes up. Update: Sorry, it’s not completely final. We need confirmation that Jason Wood is also on the team. Update 2: If Jeremy … Continue reading Marlins [Almost] Finalize Roster

Hendrickson to Start on Opening Day

A few news and notes: Mark Hendrickson is the lucky winner of our opening day starting pitcher lottery joining the ranks of Charlie Hough, Kevin Brown, and Dontrelle Willis in the Marlins record books. With Jose Castillo gone, Jorge Cantu will start at third base. ESPN is reporting that Miguel Cabrera just signed an 8-year … Continue reading Hendrickson to Start on Opening Day