• White Sox Trying to Acquire a “Big Fish”

  • The Chicago White Sox have acquired Cabrera. That is, Orlando Cabrera from the Angels.

    But that’s not the story here.

    Looks like they’re focused on an all-Cabrera left side of the infield as their GM Ken Williams claims that this deal clears some financial room ($3MM) for another deal. And that deal is:

    “We’re not done yet. We’re still trying to land a big fish,” Williams said.

    You know who which fish he’s talking about.

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  • All-Star Blogging: Cabrera In, But That’s All

  • It’s been a Marlins fest on TBS today. First, the Fish nearly blew a game against the Braves, ultimately winning on Josh Willingham’s 5th hit of the game. Now, we find out that Miguel Cabrera, will join Fredi Gonzalez on the 2007 National League All-Star team. The fans screwed up in voting for David Wright over Miguel to start the game. Miguel is the better player and is having a much better season. Miguel makes his 4th All-Star game — a Marlins record. With limited roster spots and every team needing a representative, deserving Fish like Dan Uggla and Hanley Ramirez were snubbed. Of course, with our record, you can understand why this may of happened.

    While we’re at it, lets recognize the former Marlins the made the team: Mike Lowell, Josh Beckett, Pudge Rodriguez, Derrek Lee, Brad Penny, and Jim Leyland (AL Manager).

    The game will be played in San Francisco on July 10th.

    Update: Cody Ross said it best: “I’m boycotting the All-Star Game. I’ll watch Miggy, then I’m going to turn it off.”

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