Marlins Acquire Catcher Ronny Paulino

Apparently not satisfied with their catching depth, the Marlins have acquired Ronny Paulino from the giants for minor league right-handed pitcher Hector Correa. Paulino, 27, was traded to the Giants from Philadelphia for left-handed pitcher Jack Taschner Friday night prior to being traded to Florida. He was previously traded to the Phillies from Pittsburgh on … Continue reading Marlins Acquire Catcher Ronny Paulino

Marlins Willing to Sign Pudge at a Big Discount

After hearing that the Fish have no chance of signing Pudge Rodriguez, we are obviously not too surprised to find out that it’s all a ploy to convince the still-unsigned catcher to return at a huge discount. Pudge is looking for something around $5 millions while the Marlins could see an incentive-based $1 million deal. … Continue reading Marlins Willing to Sign Pudge at a Big Discount

Costly Mistakes: Rabelo Sent to AAA

On Sunday, Mike Rabelo was on the bad end of several mistakes — the kind of errors and mental lapses we’ve seen happen to this team often. But now, perhaps as a wake-up call to the entire roster, the Fish have sent Rabelo down to AAA and called up Paul Hoover. Hopefully, Rabelo will benefit … Continue reading Costly Mistakes: Rabelo Sent to AAA

Fish Fail in Oakland

With a chance to move into first place, our Fish found new ways to lose, leaving Oakland with only 1 win in 3 games. Unlike the first two games, the Marlins never came back on Sunday. We sat behind home plate and watched Mike Rabelo make several mental errors, Andrew Miller repeatedly show his frustration, … Continue reading Fish Fail in Oakland

Hanley Homers Marlins to Win

For 8 innings it looked like the Fish were going to continue their downhill spiral and then Mike Rabelo hit a 2-run home run followed by another 2-run shot from Hanley Ramirez (his seconf of the game) and the Marlins win 6-4. Oh, and Kevin Gregg did not blow the save.

Marlins Set Club Record with 6 HR in Win

The Fish set a new club record hitting 6 home runs in a 10-6 win over the Houston Astros. Red-hot Jeremy Hermida hit two while the other home runs were hit by league leader Mike Jacobs, Mike Rabelo in his Marlins debut, Jorge Cantu who literally hit it out of the park and Hanley Ramirez. … Continue reading Marlins Set Club Record with 6 HR in Win

Marlins [Almost] Finalize Roster

The 2008 Florida Marlins roster is now set. Our starting rotation is Mark Hendrickson, Rick VandenHurk, Andrew Miller, and Scott Olsen with Ricky Nolasco likely taking in the fifth slot when it comes up. Update: Sorry, it’s not completely final. We need confirmation that Jason Wood is also on the team. Update 2: If Jeremy … Continue reading Marlins [Almost] Finalize Roster

In Case You Wondered: The Marlins Proposed the Trade

We’ve all wondered how the trade happens and in this Detroit-loving article by Jason Stark, we discover that after the Tigers rejected the Marlins’ Cabrera for Miller and Maybin offer, the Marlins came back with the 8 player lineup (meaning: included Dontrelle) and Detroit said yes. Also, the Marlins wanted Mike Rabelo because bench coach … Continue reading In Case You Wondered: The Marlins Proposed the Trade