Opening Day 2009: Marlins vs. Nats

It’s the best day of the year and we’re going to cover the Marlins first game of the season versus the Washington Nationals.

Pitchers: Ricky Nolasco starts for the Fish against John Lannan for the Nats.

Marlins Lineup: 1. Emilio Bonifacio (3B) , 2. John Baker (C), 3. Hanley Ramirez (SS), 4. J. Cantu (1B), 5. D. Uggla (2B), 6. J. Hermida (LF), 7. C. Ross (RF), 8. C. Maybin (CF), 9. Ricky Nolasco (P)

4:11 PM: Chicago is singing the national anthem.

4:18 PM: Here we go! First pitch is an out. Ground ball to Uggla.

4:25 PM: Bonifacio gets the first hit of the season.

4:26 PM: Bonifacio steels second. Exactly what the Marlins wanted from him.

4:27 PM: Baker drives in Bonifacio. 1-0 Marlins.

4:28 PM: Hanley bunts. That’s not something you would expect from a number 3 hitter.

4:30 PM: Cantu drives in Baker. 2-0 Marlins.

5:02 PM: Hanley doubles in Bonifacio. Emilio is really giving the Fish the kind of speed they needed so badly. Two hits, two steals, two runs.

5:05 PM: Cantu hits a 2-run home run. 5-0 Fish!

5:08 PM: Hermida adds a solo shot. It’s now 6-0 Marlins.

5:16 PM: Dunn doubles in Guzman so the Nats are on the board.

5:21 PM: Nats score again. Ricky was on a roll until this inning. Wiley out to the mound. Bonifacio makes a nice catch to end the inning. 6-2 Fish.

5:30 PM: Inside the park home run for Bonifacio! Speed kills. Wow! Nice curtain call from the crows. Emilio is 3-3 with his first career HR. 8-2 Marlins.

6:00 PM: Adam Dunn’s 3-run shot has made it an 8-5 lead. Bonifacio’s bad stab at a ball put the Fish in a bad situation. Nolasco is out of the game.

6:16 PM: Hanley Ramirez grand slam! First of his career. 12-5 Fish. Another curtain call from the crowd.

6:26 PM: Kiko is in.

7:05 PM: So we’ve reached the top of the ninth and Logan Kensing is in to close this one out.

7:13 PM: Ballgame! The Marlins win on opening day, beating the Nats 12-6 in front of over 34,000 fans. The fish used some small ball and some big bats. Big debut for Emilio Bonifacio who went 4-5 with 4 runs, 2 RBIs
and 3 stolen bases.

Live Blogging Opening Day 2008

We’re going to try to live blog opening day. It’s our first real try at it so lets see what happens.

4:00 PM — We’ ready to go!

4:05 PM — FSN just showed some clips including Jeff Conine. Nice to have the team recognize him today.

4:15 PM — Player intro. Luis Gonzalez making his 18th straight opening day start.

4:19 PM — Quickly switched over to see that Miguel Cabrera hit a solo home run for the Tigers. He also just struck out with the chance to win the game. Anyway, back to the Fish.

4:27 PM — And the Marlins take the field on this windy day at Dolphin Stadium. Mark Hendrickson is a veteran but this is his first opening day day. I’m sure it feels a bit different from your average start. He still is a serviceable number 3 or 4 starter.

4:29 PM — First pitch strike down the middle… three pitches… three strikes… one out

4:30 PM — First walk of the year. Luis Castillo on first (it’s amazing to think that Luis was a member of the Marlins for 10 seasons)

4:33 PM — We said Gonzalez is making 18th straight opening day start. We didn’t know that he has never played in Right Field. Wow.

4:35 PM — Cody Ross made a great dive but then dropped the ball. Thankfully Castillo didn’t make it beyond third.

4:40 PM — Hanley Ramirez leading off with a huge swing off Johan Santana. Rich reminds us that Santana was a Marlins Rule 5 pick (then traded).

4:41 PM — Nasty stuff from Santana strikes out Hanley.

4:43 PM — Three up, three down. That’s the first inning.

4:45 PM — FSN just did us all a huge favor by showing some video from the 1993 opening day. I really miss the teal caps and pinstripes (not really, just nostalgic).

5:01 PM — Luis Castillo is a trouble maker, we know that well. He just dropped a perfect bunt single.

5:02 PM — … and he stole second…

5:03 PM — … but another pop fly to center ends the inning. Still scoreless.

5:10 PM — Santana just plowed through our entire lineup. Hopefully we’ll do better second time around.

5:17 PM — Runners on first and second with no outs and Hendrickson seems like he may be in trouble. He dropped a nice curveball that for some reason was called a ball.

5:18 PM — Crap, ball goes down the third base line and the Mets are up 1-0 and still have runners on second and third with no outs.

5:19 PM — Fredi just had some words for the home plate umpire. Maybe he’s asking about those curveballs that the ump keeps missing.

5:21 PM — Another run. Time to warm up the bullpen? Wiley out for a chat.

5:22 PM — Great diving stab by Jacobs. He was so close to tagging church for the DP.

5:29 PM — This inning will never end. Hendrickson seems to be hitting the Marlins 5-inning wall here in the 4th.

5:30 PM — First shot of the fat guys who dance. Like us, they’re waiting for this inning to end.

5:31 PM — Ricky Nolasco warming up… fast…

5:32 PM — Hendrickson has thrown 30 pitches this inning (total of 71) and he’s not hitting he plate right now. It’s disturbing to watch pitchers just fall apart like that. Bases load so he better get some strikes.

5:34 PM — you can hear all those Mets fans in the crowd root as 3 more runs come in. It’s 6-0 Mets.

5:35 PM — Top of the inning finally over. So painful.

5:40 PM — First base runner for the Fish as Hanley manages a walk. Still looking for a a hit.

5:45 PM — GONE!!! Willingham with a 2-run home run for the first hit, home-run, RBIs, and runs of the season. And this against a Cy Young award winning lefty!

5:46 PM — Now Cantu thinks he can swing for the fences. We’ll see.

5:53 PM — Hendrickson gets a much needed 1-2-3 top of the 5th. Marlins coming up and Jeff Conine will be in the broadcast booth.

5:57 PM — Niner says that Dave Samson suggested the sign and retire to him about a month ago. He said they’re also going to talk about a job (I assume after he completes his Ironman competition).

5:58 PM — Meanwhile, Luis Gonzalez gets a hit.

6:00 PM — Jason Wood on deck. Hendrickson is done after 5 innings and 6 runs allowed.

6:07 PM — Hanley looks lost out there facing Santana. Marlins strand 2 base runners.

6:10 PM — Ricky Nolasco is now pitching for the Marlins. It’s easy to forget that he was one of the five young starting pitchers who won more than 10 games for us in 2006 (along with Willis, Johnson, Olsen, and Sanchez).

6:16 PM — Treanor guns down Reyes trying to steal second. Nice way to end the top of the inning.

6:29 PM — Treanor guns down Wright trying to steal third. (Wright was safe, he just sneaked behind Cantu’s glove).

6:51 PM — At least Santana is out of the game. Alfredo leads off with a pinch hit.

6:54 PM — Not a fun day for Hanley (0-4). At least this time he managed to actually put the ball in play.

7:10 PM — Treanor throws one away and a run comes in. The Marlins are down 5 in the ninth. Doesn’t look promising.

7:16 PM — Nice place by Uggla. Showed both range and speed. We’re going to the bottom of the ninth.

7:22 PM — It’s over. The Marlins lose to the Mets 7-2. 1 down 161 to go.

In Case You Wondered: The Marlins Proposed the Trade

We’ve all wondered how the trade happens and in this Detroit-loving article by Jason Stark, we discover that after the Tigers rejected the Marlins’ Cabrera for Miller and Maybin offer, the Marlins came back with the 8 player lineup (meaning: included Dontrelle) and Detroit said yes.

Also, the Marlins wanted Mike Rabelo because bench coach Carlos Tosca had managed him before and liked him.

Oh, and one bit of commentary. Trading away your entire minor league system and spending millions on free agents doesn’t make your GM a genius. For every good GM like Dave Dombrowski there is an incompetent GM like Omar Minaya.

White Sox Trying to Acquire a “Big Fish”

The Chicago White Sox have acquired Cabrera. That is, Orlando Cabrera from the Angels.

But that’s not the story here.

Looks like they’re focused on an all-Cabrera left side of the infield as their GM Ken Williams claims that this deal clears some financial room ($3MM) for another deal. And that deal is:

“We’re not done yet. We’re still trying to land a big fish,” Williams said.

You know who which fish he’s talking about.