The AP reporters worked extra hard today to come up with a stunning revelation that Alex Rodriguez earns more than the entire Marlins payroll. The earth, as expected, trembled at this newly discovered anomaly.

Showing his disgust with the situation, A-Rod said:

“The Marlins? It’s amazing,” Rodriguez said. “And they still seem to find a way to be very competitive. They have a great pool of talent; they made some unbelievable trades, so they have great personnel people. To win two championships in 11 years, that’s really admirable, and I’m very proud of that organization, being from Miami.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Yankees GM Brian Cashman said:

“They’ve won a championship more recently than we have as an organization. So there’s many different ways to skin a cat,” said Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, whose team lost to Florida in the 2003 World Series. “Alex earned that contract in the negotiation. Right now, the Marlins are in a different place. But they’ve got a stadium coming on board and they’re going in the right direction, and I think they’ve already proven they know how to build something.”

Seriously people, get over it.

Update: They all hate us, they really hate us (jealousy hurts)

The A-Rod-O-Meter Bursts

I think we will start to put the A-Rod rumors on some kind of scale or meter where 0 means he is not coming and 100 means he is here. For example, anything speculated by the writers in the Sun-Sentinel or Miami Herald is -10 on the scale.

Take a look at the latest speculation from our esteemed local papers. On it’s face it’s a -10. But, it adds some weight:

One thing Beinfest didn’t do in Thursday’s teleconference with local beat writers: scotch the idea.

Yes, we now have a story written on what Beinfest didn’t say. Therefore, we are officially raising the A-Rod meter to 1. We are a mere 99 points/degrees away from success.

A-Rod To Buy the Marlins? Really?

Alex Rodriguez Florida Marlins Jersey

For some reason it’s become very exciting for sports writers to figure out why they think Alex Rodriguez will go the the Marlins. It’s a fun game, I guess. The latest work of genius comes from San Diego and it’s quite innovative:

The mid-revenue Padres strongly expect the Marlins to shop and trade third baseman Miguel Cabrera within five weeks. Confident in Kevin Kouzmanoff and prospect Chase Headley – a Double-A star who will play third and left field in spring training – the Padres will sit out the Cabrera auction. The Padres also will sit out bidding for third baseman Alex Rodriguez. The Padres won’t be surprised if Rodriguez, a Miami native, signs with the Marlins in return for an ownership stake linked to keeping the franchise in South Florida.

I like the idea and it’s certainly a new one, but I wonder whether that’s even possible considering the labor situation in MLB. That would make A-Rod essentially part of both the Players Union and MLB Ownership. There are ways to make it work (via a trust, for example) but I’m wasting time thinking about it.

Bottom-line: A-Rod is likely to get $150 million dollars over the next 5 years from someone else (the Angels?) and will probably end up earning nearly half-a-billion dollars over his career (with endorsements) so he can easily buy the Marlins or some other team when he retires.

We’ve Made the Imaginary A-Rod Top-10 List

I know this will never happen, but it’s cool to read this kind of stuff:

Florida has been trying to get a new ballpark for years, and A-Rod – a Miami boy – would be the biggest chip yet. Imagine a lineup topped by these four: Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla, Miguel Cabrera, A-Rod. Wow.

Why not? The Marlins are worth $244 million. And even if owner Jeffrey Loria profited $43.3 million last season, according to Forbes – 58 percent more than the next-best team – he has never shown any desire to spend it. Loria makes Scrooge look like a reckless spender.

Can you imagine if Forbes is actually right about the $43.3 Million? A few years like that and the Fish could easily pay their share of the stadium funds which, according to Miami-Dade officials, is one of the few remaining hurdles.

The Marlins are Everywhere

The baseball season just ended and already the Marlins are making news across the league:

  • Congratulations to Mike Lowell, Josh Beckett, Julian Tavarez, Dave Magadan, and Gary Tuck for winning the World Series with the Boston Red Sox. Extra credit to Mike for being named the World Series MVP (although we all know that had Boston lost that game, Josh would have won the next one and ended up with another MVP). Asked about his two rings, Mike said:

    “I think with the Marlins no one expected us to do this and I think with the Red Sox people expect you to win and I think both are very satisfying.”

  • Welcome back Joe Girardi. You have just been named the manager of the New York Yankees. Lets hope you know how to behave with your new owner because the younger Steinbrenners seem as feisty as their father.
  • Speaking of the Yankees, greetings to A-Rod, who is now a free agent and some are reporting that the Marlins may make a run at him (unlikely since he’ll get a long-term deal somewhere else) and that the Yankees may try to replace him with Miguel Cabrera (maybe, but hopefully no).
  • See you later to Armando Benitez who filed for free agency and will now have to beg someone else to pitch for them.
  • Hello to Yorvit Torrealba who joins the growing list of catchers who are rumored to be talking to the Marlins He handled the Rockies pitching staff very well.
  • Farewell to Edgar Renteria who heads over to the the American League, joining Dave Dombrowski‘s project to rebuild the 1997 Florida Marlins (plus Pudge). No word on yet on whether they can convince Ed Vosberg to come out of retirement.

Rumor Central: A-Rod, Posada, Floyd, Lo Duca Like the Marlins

And this weeks list of players who maybe but really aren’t coming to the Marlins are:

  • Alex Rodriguez: The biggest prize in baseball is very expensive and some guy at CNN/Money makes a good financial argument (but not a realistic one).
  • Cliff Floyd: He’s likely to retire but would love to play for the Fish at $3MM per year (but Cody Ross gives you the same numbers for 1/10th of the price).
  • Jorge Posada: The Marlins need a catcher but this one is going to get a huge offer from the Yankees.
  • Paul Lo Duca: Catcher, again, but his health may not be worth the financial risk.

Headlining the Off Season Blues (October 22, 2007)

Another round of the latest Marlins chatter:

  • Matt Sosnick (agent for most of the Marlins’ pitching staff) believes Willis will be back.
  • Latest on pitching coach; ESPN starts a stupid A-Rod Rumor; and Hanley is feeling better.
  • Optimism on ballpark at OB site and confirmation from the team that the OB site is acceptable and the primary focus.
  • Traffic study suggests Orange Bowl site needs $12 million in improvements
  • Do you thank the Yankees will call Loria for a reference?