Random Photos from Random Marlins Fans at Opening Night 2013

Despite all the negativity surrounding the Marlins season and Opening Night at Marlins Park, fans at the game posted photos on various social networks showing off what generally seemed like a good time. Yes, the product on the field is not very good, but at least for one night the experience at Marlins Park was great. As one fan said: “most fun loss ever”.

Which of these Fans Should Have Represented the Marlins in the All-Star Game?

Since Major League Baseball didn’t deem it necessary for the Marlins to be part of its All-Star Game, we looked around Twitter and random found photos of random Marlins fans and will let you decide who should have represented us in Kansas City this year*. Vote at the bottom of the post.

*This is not a contest, we’re just having fun at other people’s expense. We love all you Marlins fans (and Chris Bosh too).


Soccer Heros, Latin Stars and Dickie V Baby! This Week in Random Faces at Marlins Park

After an off week, we are back with another exciting post of “Random Photos of Random Marlins Fans at Marlins Park”. This week is a celebrity version with William Levy leading off. I heard he was popular but didn’t realize it until I did a Twitter photo search for “Marlins” and was inundated with photos of him at Marlins Park from what seems like thousands of Twitter accounts dedicated to him. Joining him in our weekly selection are other Latin entertainment icons, several soccer players, Jimmy Graham, Dick Vitale and Miss Miami USA.

Random Photos of Random Marlins Fans (May 15, 2012)

People just love to take photos of themselves at Marlins games and post them on Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, and Instagr.am for everyone to see. We decided to turn it into a recurring feature where we choose publicly shared photos, for no rhyme or reason, of people we don’t know, posing at Marlins games and at Marlins Park.

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