The Marlins Can’t Win Even When They Do

The Sun-Sentinel had an interesting take on last night’s exhibition game against the Yankees:


I’m pretty sure the headline is wrong. Here is what the Miami Herald said:


I wonder who got it right?

We kid of course. Unlike the headline, Juan C. Rodriguez’s article accurately captured the result of the game. The rest of the article though, hmm… Check out this nugget:


Either A-Rod was born in 1985 (rather than 1975) or the Marlins played in the NLDS against the Giants in 1987, before they existed. Maybe they meant yesterday’s starting pitcher, Andrew Miller, who attended the 2003 World Series. I’m sure it’s a common mistake to confuse Alex Rodriguez with Andrew Miller. Happened to me on my Fantasy Team. Maybe A-Rod plays for the Marlins now. We seem to remember covering it this past fall.

I’m sure by the time you read this, they fixed it. Don’t worry, we all make mistakes (thankfully, I’m a hack not a journalist).

The Future is Later: Maybin to AA

Looks like we’ll have to wait to see Cameron Maybin. The Marlins just optioned him to AA meaning Alejandro De Aza is our starting CF. I hope this was a tough choice because Maybin looks like he’s almost ready for the bigs. Either the team feels he would be harmed by playing in the majors right now or they really have aggressive goals for the season and think that De Aza and Cody Ross will allow us to compete for this elusive goal. Don’t feel bad for Maybin, he doesn’t turn 21 until April 4th.

Update: Cody Ross will actually start on opening day because we will be facing a lefty (Johan Santana).

Jose Castillo Out?

Joe Frisaro is reporting that there are grumblings in the clubhouse that Jose Castillo will not make the team.

It’s clear that Jorge Cantu had a great Spring and Dallas McPherson is injured. I’m wondering whether the Fish think Cantu and Alfredo Amezaga will play 3rd and then have Jason Wood backup first. Regardless it’s a bit surprising.

Update: The Marlins just placed him on waivers; we will have to wait and see if someone picks him up; for now he’s still with the team.

What We Noticed in Recent Articles

We noticed a few interesting quotes in recent articles about the Marlins:

  • We are kindly reminded by The NY Daily News that Jeff Loria really really really hates Joe Girardi:

    Said Loria Saturday in Marlins camp: “With the exception of last year, when we had the chain of injuries primarily hung over from the year before when there were decisions made that were not great decisions, this team has always been formidable.”

    Translation: I put out a great product and Girardi broke it.

  • Staying with Loria, while others focused on his payroll comments we thought the interesting quote was this:

    “There will be a complete change [of uniforms],” Loria said. “Nothing has been designed yet. It will be different. It will be fun. It will be something we can all grab on to and call our own.”

    Are we the only ones worried about “fun” uniforms? This Fish already have traditional looking uniforms. Don’t want to end up looking like an expansion team… again.

  • Hanley tells us something we should all appreciate:

    “I think [the Marlins] treat me good from the bottom all the way to the top. I feel comfortable here.”

    Reminder to all those “fans” who criticize the ownership and management for the way they treat players: Hanley knows what he’s talking about; you don’t.

Who’s Coming to Spring Training?

Spring Training is just around the corner and the Marlins have released the names of the new (and old) faces who will join the club for its annual spring rituals.

We have already heard about Jose Castillo and Jorge Cantu but now we learn that 13 minor league free agents received invites to the big league camp and they are: pitchers Doug Waechter, Bobby Keppel and Tim Corcoran; catcher Paul Hoover; infielders Tagg Bozied and Jason Wood; and outfielders John Gall, Alexis Gomez and Jorge Piedra.

Other non-40-man-roster invitees include pitchers Burke Badenhop, Dallas Trahern, Gaby Hernandez, Brett Sinkbeil, Aaron Thompson, Ryan Tucker and Chris Volstad; catchers John Baker, Brett Hayes and Brad Davis; and infielders Chris Coghlan and Lee Mitchell.

In Case You Wondered: The Marlins Proposed the Trade

We’ve all wondered how the trade happens and in this Detroit-loving article by Jason Stark, we discover that after the Tigers rejected the Marlins’ Cabrera for Miller and Maybin offer, the Marlins came back with the 8 player lineup (meaning: included Dontrelle) and Detroit said yes.

Also, the Marlins wanted Mike Rabelo because bench coach Carlos Tosca had managed him before and liked him.

Oh, and one bit of commentary. Trading away your entire minor league system and spending millions on free agents doesn’t make your GM a genius. For every good GM like Dave Dombrowski there is an incompetent GM like Omar Minaya.

White Sox Trying to Acquire a “Big Fish”

The Chicago White Sox have acquired Cabrera. That is, Orlando Cabrera from the Angels.

But that’s not the story here.

Looks like they’re focused on an all-Cabrera left side of the infield as their GM Ken Williams claims that this deal clears some financial room ($3MM) for another deal. And that deal is:

“We’re not done yet. We’re still trying to land a big fish,” Williams said.

You know who which fish he’s talking about.