Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2010-06-24

You have to believe that Fredi is now leading candidate for job with the #Braves next season. #Marlins #

The real question now is whether Edwin Rodriguez can pitch in the 7th. #Marlins #

AAA manager taking over makes me think 1) decision was last minute; and 2) #Marlins looking for someone else right now #

Anyone seen Bobby Valentine today? #Marlins #

Harsh: Fredi's parents were in Baltimore when he was fired. #Marlins #

Does the new #Marlins manager (one who will replace Rodriguez) have a week, a month or the rest of the season to win? (trade deadline 7/31) #

Nice fact by @FSMarlins: Edwin Rodriguez is first Puerto Rican born manager in the history of @MLB #

Now question is whether Rodriguez will still be around to manage #Marlins when they play in Puerto Rico next week. #

Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2010-06-19

Happy 25th birthday to @Cogz4Christ. #

Mike Stanton Grand Slam! First career homerun. 5-2 #Marlins #

Check out @MLBTV on the PS3 – incredible video quality and it's free this weekend. Just saw Stanton's grand slam live all the way in SF. #

Garza still in the game for Rays. Hope #Marlins can stay patient and knock him out early. #

Another double for @cogz4Christ on his birthday. Remember when he was hitting below .200? Now approaching .300 #