Latest Ballpark D-Day: January 22, 2009

The Marlins are finalizing five agreements with the City and Country and expect all 5 to come up for final vote on January 22.

Five documents still must be agreed upon by commissioners from the city of Miami and Miami-Dade County. The vote is expected on Jan. 22. If all goes according to script, that could be the day the team’s retractable-roof park will become official.

What are these documents?

The five documents that commissioners will address are: City/parking agreement; operating agreement; construction/administration agreement; non-relocation agreement; and the assurance agreement, where all parties are bound by all agreements.

We also learned that ground breaking is scheduled for sometime between May 15 and June 15th.

If You Build a Stadium Website, It Will Come

There’s an addition to the Marlins family and it’s not a new catcher or outfielder, it’s a website for the new ballpark:

First, there are a couple of design elements that standout. The website is orange and black (kind of like the colors of Fish@Bat) and the favicon is the Marlins “M” (again, kind of like our favicon). We know that the team is changing to Miami and we also know that there will be new uniforms so this is possibly a first step.

Also, The Marlins are also trying to generate some viral buzz, asking fans to show their support by printing banners and submitting photos. Amazingly enough, though, they insist that you print the banners professionally so I’m guessing this won’t go too far. Regardless, we look forward to seeing this site grow, especially when those design renderings are finally available.

Henry Owens Suspended 50 Games

For using a “performance enhancing substance”. Really.

You may have forgotten Henry Owens who was the other stud pitcher came to the Marlins in that awesome Vargas trade. While recovering from season ending shoulder surgery, it seems that he failed a drug test. We may still find out more of this later but for now, don’t bet on seeing him in the Majors anytime soon.

Update: Quote from the Sun-Sentinel:

Owens said: “I made a mistake. I apologize. Now I have to deal with the consequences and work hard to get through this situation.”

The Marlins issued the following statement: “We are disappointed that Henry Owens received a positive test, and fully endorse the discipline outlined in the MLB policy. We will continue to work with and educate our players to help prevent any further violations.”


Insight Into the Olsen/Hammer Deal

Mike Berardino of the Sun-Sentinel provides some thoughts and insights on the Olsen/Hammer deal:

About that payroll dump so far:

the Fish have removed roughly $7 million from their books for 2009.

On what we got in return:

In return, they have brought in a cheap young setup man (Leo Nunez), a light-hitting second baseman with Gold Glove potential (Emilio Bonifacio) and a couple of decent low-level prospects who just finished their first full pro seasons (RHP P.J. Dean and IF Jake Smolinski).

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