Stadium Vote Moved Up

Another day, another schedule change for the “final vote” on the new ballpark. This time the vote has been moved up from March 12th to March 4th for the City of Miami and March 5th for Miami-Dade County.

There’s really nothing else to add at this point because this process has become completely unpredictable. I suggest prayer as the only reliable way out of this mess.

Update: There is even talk of compromise.

Latest Ballpark D-Day: January 22, 2009

The Marlins are finalizing five agreements with the City and Country and expect all 5 to come up for final vote on January 22.

Five documents still must be agreed upon by commissioners from the city of Miami and Miami-Dade County. The vote is expected on Jan. 22. If all goes according to script, that could be the day the team’s retractable-roof park will become official.

What are these documents?

The five documents that commissioners will address are: City/parking agreement; operating agreement; construction/administration agreement; non-relocation agreement; and the assurance agreement, where all parties are bound by all agreements.

We also learned that ground breaking is scheduled for sometime between May 15 and June 15th.

Will an Appeal by Braman Delay the Ballpark?

It looks like Braman’s lawsuit is going down in flames (as expected) but a big concern may be his decision to continue wasting his money by appealing the decision.

We are not happy with the prospect, but we are not concerned. One thing to keep in mind is that Braman did not obtain an injunction (and no court has issued an injunction) against the projects. Absent that, the county, the city, and the Marlins are going ahead full steam. Even if Braman ultimately prevails in some sort of appeal (keep in mind that appeals can’t just be a disagreement with the ruling, there has to be an obvious error), the city/county will have to find a way to pay for the ballpark or else they would have to pay the Marlins for all costs incurred as well as damages.