Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2010-04-18

Paulino with a 3-run home run in the first to give the #Marlins a 5-0 lead vs. the #Phillies. #

Maybin get his daily sliding catch in to end the 7th. #Marlins still up 5-0. #

Quick double play ends the 8th so Nolasco may actually get a chance to complete the game. #Marlins still up 5-0. #

Nolasco allows a HR with two outs in bottom of the ninth but he closes our the game for 5-1 #Marlins win. #

Congrats to Ubaldo Jimenez and #Rockies for finally throwing a no hitter (#Marlins have 4). #Mets, still 0. #

Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2010-04-14

  • Back-to-back home runs from the #Red and the #Marlins are suddenly down 4-0 in top of the 2nd. #
  • Replay shows that Bruce HR was foul, we'll see if the umpires agree. #
  • Good call by umps – foul ball. Only 3-0 #Reds. #
  • Just when we celebrate Pinto doing well, we get Jose Veras. #
  • If #Marlins score, Jose Veras has a chance to be 2-0 with a 15.43 ERA. #
  • Votto sneaks ball over Hanley and Phillips gets one past Helms – #Reds up 10-8. #
  • Heading to the bottom of the 11th with the Miracle #Marlins needing two to keep it going. #
  • Over, #Reds beat #Marlins 10-8 in 11 innings. #

Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2010-04-13

  • Now that #TargetField opened, the next #MLB ballpark to open will be the new #Marlins ballpark in 2012. #
  • @SporTech – Seems that with the new ballpark getting closer, JRS looks worse and worse even to us #Marlins fans (plus it's falling apart). in reply to SporTech #
  • Cantu the RBI Machine keeps it going! Cantu drives in 2 more (12 RBIs, at least one every game this season). #Marlins up 3-2. #
  • Uggla double drives in Cantu for a 4-2 lead. Good job by #Marlins to capitalize on wild pitch and balk. #
  • Scott Rolen hits his second HR off Nolasco tonight. 4-3 #Marlins. #
  • Mentioned Cogz slow start, he tweeted: "haha. Hey it's all good. Were in game 5. We got 157 more. I'll be were i need to be in the end" #
  • @SunSportsFOXFL just showed a great clip of @cogz4Christ getting attacked by a military dog in Iraq #
  • Great double play by the #Marlins. K for Nolasco and then Hanley throws out runner at home. @manbearwolf with great block of the plate. #
  • Not surprisingly, Bonifacio strikes out in pinch-hitting role. #
  • Officially, a great shoestring catch for Maybin in center field; Unofficially, the ball bounced. #
  • Strike that – ball was in the glove. Great play for Maybin. Now he gets to lead off the inning. #
  • Another clutch pinch-hit RBI for Paulino. #Marlins tie #Reds 5-5. #
  • #Reds take the lead in the top of the 10th 6-5. Hopper not hopping. #

Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2010-04-12

  • 4/11 #Marlins vs. Dodgers: @Cogz4Christ LF, Maybin CF, Ramirez SS, Cantu 3B, Uggla 2B, Paulino C, Ross RF, G. Sanchez 1B, A. Sanchez P #
  • And Anibal Sanchez gets the first hit for the #Marlins. #
  • 9 errors in 6 games for the #Marlins #
  • Cantu with a 3-run HR. He has had at least one RBI in every game this season. #Marlins down 4-3 to the Dodgers. #
  • Exactly what the #Marlins needed, a quick and easy 1-2-3 inning from Anibal. #
  • Jorge "The RBI Machine" Cantu drives in 2 more runs (5 RBI today) to give the #Marlins a 6-5 lead over the #Dodgers. #

Fish@Bat Twitter Updates for 2010-04-11

  • Hanley doubles in Maybin and then gets drilled in the back by an errant throw. #Marlins up 1-0 in the bottom of the first. #
  • Maybin has a very "active" running motion. Long strides, hands flying everywhere. #
  • JJ can't get a strike and then the Dodgers just give him two free outs. #
  • Can't wait for the new #Marlins ballpark: Right field padding is falling apart and the crew is rigging a wire to hold it in place. #
  • 3-run HR for Gabby Sanchez! #Marlins up 4-3. Padilla didn't respond well to the delay. #
  • It's early but fair to say that @cogz4Christ is struggling a bit; Doesn't seem as patient and has been swinging wildly at pitches outside #
  • Two bad plays at second base by the #Marlins cost 2 outs. The Fish continue to make big defensive mistakes. #
  • Third time is a charm as the #Marlins finally manage to turn an inning-ending double play. #
  • Feels like Badenhop has been the best player the #Marlins received in the Cabrera/Willis trade? Maybin has this season to prove otherwise. #
  • Hey, look at that, the #Marlins bullpen has blown the lead again. #
  • I was about to say something about Jose Veras keeping the #Marlins in the game. But he can't even go one hitter without allowing a run. #
  • 2-run double for Paulino ties the game! Winning run at 3rd base with no outs. #
  • Walk-off! #Marlins beat #Dodgers 7-6 with 3-run 9th. Cantu pops to short center and @Cogz4Christ slides in with the winning run. #
  • And Jose Veras gets the win!?! Nice memento from his time with the #Marlins (since we'll hopefully cut him when Sanches comes off the DL). #
  • Lots of luck for #Marlins today – Stadium delay throws off Padilla, close/bad calls by home plate ump during Cogs at bat. #
  • @cogz4Christ – We all know you will be there. We're rooting for you on every pitch. in reply to cogz4Christ #