If You Build a Stadium Website, It Will Come

There’s an addition to the Marlins family and it’s not a new catcher or outfielder, it’s a website for the new ballpark: http://www.marlinsnewballpark.com/.

First, there are a couple of design elements that standout. The website is orange and black (kind of like the colors of Fish@Bat) and the favicon is the Marlins “M” (again, kind of like our favicon). We know that the team is changing to Miami and we also know that there will be new uniforms so this is possibly a first step.

Also, The Marlins are also trying to generate some viral buzz, asking fans to show their support by printing banners and submitting photos. Amazingly enough, though, they insist that you print the banners professionally so I’m guessing this won’t go too far. Regardless, we look forward to seeing this site grow, especially when those design renderings are finally available.

Development Ideas Stir Around Ballpark

The Marlins ballpark plans on the Orange Bowl site still face some hurdles (a law suit, another vote) but that hasn’t stopped the city and private firms from working on new development projects around the ballpark. If these ideas materialize, it will only strengthen the notion that the ballpark is anchoring the redevelopment of the area.

Here are some of the latest developments:

  • If you haven’t seen it yet, the Orange Bowl is now completely gone (at a cost of $2,348,050)
  • Plans for an MLS stadium are on hold as the City cannot commit in time to meet deadlines. The city is reserving the right to build one on site at a future date.
  • The city is now focusing on planning and building a 6,000 spot parking garage for the ballpark.
  • The developers of Midtown Miami contacted the city to pitch redevelopment ideas for the area.
  • Ballpark construction and and management contracts should be done by the end of this month.