Marlins Squeeze a Win Out of Webb

In another close post-season like game, the Marlins beat Arizona Diamondbacks 3-1. Arizona’s ace Brandon Webb was looking to start the season 10-0 having dominated all his opponents this year. But, Ricky Nolasco was up to the task, allowing only 1 run in 7 innings. The biggest play in the game came in the bottom … Continue reading Marlins Squeeze a Win Out of Webb

Marlins [Almost] Finalize Roster

The 2008 Florida Marlins roster is now set. Our starting rotation is Mark Hendrickson, Rick VandenHurk, Andrew Miller, and Scott Olsen with Ricky Nolasco likely taking in the fifth slot when it comes up. Update: Sorry, it’s not completely final. We need confirmation that Jason Wood is also on the team. Update 2: If Jeremy … Continue reading Marlins [Almost] Finalize Roster

Luis Gonzalez is Heading Our Way

Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Marlins have lured Luis Gonzalez with a one-year $2 million deal (including an additional $1 million in incentives). Gonzalez, 40, is expected to fill a combination of roles, including left field and first base, and serve as a mentor for the Marlins’ younger players. Interesting that he is saying … Continue reading Luis Gonzalez is Heading Our Way